Should you wish to rent out your property when not using it, we highly recommend that you discuss this idea first with PITCHER & FLACCOMIO property management service.

PITCHER & FLACCOMIO can give detailed advice on how to present the property for such a market and how to best protect your personal possessions. Furnishings, amenities and potential changes and/or renovations to improve the functionality of the property will be discussed. Private homes are not necessarily suitably appointed for rental. This service is charged at the rate of EUR 80.00 per hour plus added value tax of 22%.


Management fees are based on the value of the individual property, its size, and the distance from Florence. An average apartment has a monthly management fee of EUR 175.00. The agency will bill the owner monthly together with the added value tax – see above.

This fee covers:

In addition we will organise billing and banking management, providing each client with private access to an up–to–date accounting sheet available 24 hours a day via our web site. SAMPLE PAGEHELP PAGE

Extra charges would apply for:

Additional management services and fees:

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